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Kirtan Artist Review of Brenda McMorrow
Music Review by Ivan Becker - January 22, 2011
Brenda McMorrow - Kirtan ArtistPhotograph by Thomas Valentine

Roughly two years ago I was introduced to a live, large-scale Kirtan for the first time and quickly found myself guided by an entirely new light. For those of you who are not aware, Kirtan is a form of call-and-response chanting driven by music and crowd participation. Dating back over five centuries in India, Kirtan is now spreading quickly throughout the world. As more and more people are exposed to this uplifting and at the same time, peaceful experience; it is quite clear that this genre will only continue to evolve.

Since then, I've been on a constant search for new artists that are helping to bring awareness to this movement in "the west". I've been to many live events and listened to many mp3's. But there are just a few that I have found that undoubtedly capture the essence of what I feel this movement is all about; and immediately open the channels of energy that so many of us often long for.

Recently I was on one of those typical "LIKE" missions on Facebook, stepped away for a moment and when I returned I was greeted by a post from Brenda McMorrow. I have to admit, I could barely recall liking the page in the first place (due to the sheer volume of "likes' I had submitted)...But that would all change when I clicked through to the online radio show which included Brenda in their best of 2010 episode.

I was expecting that I would be forwarding through and listening to those artists that I already knew appealed to me. However, the opening of the first song seemed to leave me waiting with anticipation of the voice that was to follow.

Now I know why...

Brenda entered the track with such a meaningful and comforting feeling that I immediately, without a single thought, raised my hands to my heart's center and found myself completely moved...

There is nothing like a vocalist that clearly puts all of their spirit into their music, while at the same time fully elevating the spirit of their listeners. Brenda's song "Ganeshaya" ignites passion within your heart and with a progressive, uplifting groove...provides warmth throughout your entire being.

Brenda McMorrow and the highly talented musicians that accompany her, have further illuminated this path that has truly changed my life for the better. So that is why I've chosen to showcase Brenda McMorrow in the very first -As Spirit- music review. Also...because it just feels so right...and that's what it's all about.

I encourage you to take some time out of your busy day and settle into the clips that have been made available on Brenda's official website as well as the video sample of "Ganeshaya" below. We look forward to your feedback and of course, many more tracks from Brenda McMorrow.

Brenda on Facebook As Spirit on Facebook As Spirit on Facebook Visit Full Lotus Kirtan (the online radio show mentioned above)

Video clip of Ganeshaya:

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